Meet our 2023 Lineup

SOLD AJ, a 14 hand 4-Year-Old Mammoth Saddle Donkey, AJ has a fabulous disposition, is good with his feet and farrier, stands still to mount, not pushy, AJ is also very responsive to the touch donkey which has made him easier to train and will be a premium Mammoth Saddle Donkey. AJ will start on trails this summer. $6,500.00              Barn Video


Trail Video Link 30 min

Sarah Lee, a 13-2 hand 9-Year-Old Saddle Donkey, Sarah Lee has an in your pocket disposition,  she is good with her feet and farrier, stands still to mount, she is broke to ride but not finished, Sarah Lee has great bloodlines information is attached to the pictures. There is a lot of Mammoth size Donkeys in her bloodline. SOLD $7500.00   Trail Video Link

Sarahs Barn Video

SOLD Annie  has been Pat’s personal Saddle Donkey will be in May, we have had her since she was months she is just little over 14 hands. she will go where you point her she has been on miles and miles of trails, These videos were made a year ago and Pat changed her mind about selling her and we took Annie off the market. She is good with the farrier and trailers well. And has worn shoes all every summer since she was 5 years old.



Barn Video

Trail Video

Additional Videos

Tula,  13 hands 4-Year-Old Jenny Saddle Donkey, Tula has it all, a great personality, looks, and a real need to be your friend. Tula will start her saddle training this summer with some lite riding, we have no doubt Tula will be a Saddle Donkey Deluxe.