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                                                                           About Us

About our love for Mules and Donkeys  for sale, it all started in the 80’s during one of great recessions after we sold our small cattle herd for 25 cents a pound we decided to invest that windfall of cash in a team of light draft mules Cricket and Molly, both were molly mules and very well broke, we mowed and raked our hay with them and pulled the hay wagon picking up the square bales of hay and entered in an occasional parade. Looking back on it was amazing how brave that team of mule were, at the annual threshing and steam engine show they backed a load of wheat bundles the threshing machine and steam engine (with the steam engine operator blowing his whistle).

This bravery of this team of mules was all about the bond they had with us and the trust they had we would not put them I harm’s way. Later in life I bought my self a John saddle mule to ride, Pat was going to continue riding her Foxttrotter. We bought the mule in Indiana (his name was Mike) and I remember him braying all the way home, another example of the connection a mule has with his roommates and his previous owner. Well, did Mike the mule give me an education, the very first thing I did the next morning was to saddle him and he gave me the ride of a life time, I had no idea mules could run flat out with their head pulled around to my knee. With that said, we tell all of our customers to get some bonding time in at least a couple of weeks or start slow. Not all mules will react this way but to a degree they are all are different, so a little time to get to know them is important.

Pat and I both noticed on long trail rides 20 plus miles the mule was fresh as could be the next morning and Pats Foxtrotter was sore and took a lot longer to get with the program and both had the same conditioning

Next, we had Foxtrotter mares and we decided to take a stab a raising mules so we purchased a Jack, this was our first serious encounter with Mammoth Donkeys. One of the first things we noticed about our new Mammoth Donkey was how easy it was to hurt his feelings, for instance if we were to move him from one paddock to another he would not even look at a mare in heat until he had gotten over the emotional insult of the move. Donkeys are so socially driven and when you only have one, you are his social connection. I think they give the mules the ability to have social connection with their owners, and this is also why you need to herd leader with you mules and donkeys.

Next suffering from delusions of grandeur we bought more mares and then another Jack and it seemed like overnight we had 50 head of horses, mules, and donkeys. It was a very eye opening experience one of first thing we learned with the mules, the need for a veterinarian is almost nonexistent, and it is very hard to be the herd leader with that many critters so we hired trainers, the final thing we learned is saddle mules and saddle donkeys are a long term endeavor, a lot like growing fine wine.

Finally, the realization there no way if we could continue to work full time even with the help of trainers to continue, so we made the decision to liquidate the heard keeping just our personal mules and couple of mares and sell 70 percent of our ranch. And try to enjoy life a little more in other words slow down a bit.

The slow down went very well except we really missed the bray of the donkeys early in the morning and whenever things did not seem right, so we purchased a mammoth jenny and the next thing we learned was oh my what a safe ride the mammoth donkeys are, and getting older resolved to have a couple of mammoth riding donkeys to allow us to ride well into our eighty’s and maybe ninety’s, which is another one of my faults, being a die hard optimist. So along with having a couple of Mules for sale, Riding, Saddle Donkeys for sale Missouri all the time.